You CAN Reduce Your Chronic Back Pain – A Message of Hope

Consequences of chronic pain include:

  • Limitations of movement – unable to freely move, perform manual tasks or do a decent day’s work
  • Interrupted sleep – restless, unable to find comfortable positions, shorter sleep durations
  • Inconsistencies – some conditions e.g. sciatica, may fade and then resurface again

But do not worry! Knowledge is important for understanding and reducing anxiety. Remember that you are not alone in your feelings of distress. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2017–18 National Health Survey, about 4.0 million people had chronic back problems in 2017–18. That equates to 1 in 6 Australians (16.4%) (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2019).

Medication for the most part tends to temporarily relieve chronic pain. It is therefore wise to take the non-invasive, safe and effective long-term option, free of drugs. Physiotherapy can be the answer for you.

Physiotherapy Can Help Relieve Chronic Aches and Pains

Physiotherapists are trained in clinical techniques to determine, and through testing, confirm the cause of the pain using biopsychosocial approach. Some examples of these kind of pain include age related condition, degenerative conditions, muscle strains or body- muscle imbalances.

Some of the ways physiotherapists can reduce chronic pain involves:

  • A biopsychosocial model approach to understand the cause of ongoing chronic pain.
  • Multidimensional approach which involves lifestyle changes to reduce unnecessary stressors in certain environments.
  • Retrain your pain system using mindful based movement approach.
  • Stability, flexibility and strength-based exercises designed to maintain balance between demand and capacity.
  • Release and relearn thoughts, emotions, belief and fear related to the pain.

If you are ready to LOVE your life again and wish to do all the things you want to do – work, play sports, carry out daily activities, participate in social activities, play with your kids or grandkids – your journey towards wellness begins at VITALITY WAY. Our qualified Physiotherapists are ready to help you achieve your goals and help reduce your pain. CONTACT us for more information.

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