Pain Management

Journey Towards Recovery

Did you know?

1 in 5 Australians suffer from Chronic Pain
1 in 3 people affected by Chronic Pain are older than 65 years
Chronic Pain is one of the most common reasons for people to see their doctor

Are you struggling to understand why you keep getting the same type of pain?

Are your test results always coming back with the same outcome?

Are you frustrated at living with pain and want to do something about it?


Then Journey Towards Recovery Program is for you!


With JTR Program, you can –

Experience multi-dimensional approach to address persistent pain

Learn about the common misconceptions about pain and movement

Plan self-recovery strategies: tackle barriers, injuries, habits and set up activity goals

Retrain the pain system, maximise functional capacity, and improve health and wellbeing

Our approach:

Assessment of chronic pain

Development of multidisciplinary care team

Evidence-based treatment and management

Self-management support and education

Ongoing review

Journey Towards Recovery

Conditions We treat

Head Pain: Headache & Migraine

Neck Pain: TMJ pain & Whiplash

Disc Pain: Bulging disc, Herniated disc, Degenerative disc & Spinal stenosis

Shoulder Pain: Rotator cuff injury, Frozen shoulder, Bursitis & Impingement

Nerve Pain: Pinched nerve & Pins and needles in arm or leg

Lower Back Pain: Sciatica, Compression fracture, Degenerative joint, Sacroiliac joint & Back Surgery

Stomach Pain: Pre-/Post- pregnancy related & Abdominal separation

Hip Pain: Bursitis, Labral tear & Hip replacement

Knee Pain: Ligament and meniscus Injuries & Knee replacement

Ankle / Foot Pain: Plantar fascitis, Shin splints, Ankle sprain/strain, Achilles tendonitis & Heel pain

Other Pain: Arthritis, Posture related & Repetitive strain injury

Suitability for Program

Suitable for those

who suffer from chronic or persistent musculoskeletal pain such as chronic back, neck, knee, hip, ankle pain which remains longer than 3 months

who are willing to learn and recover from injury
whose daily activities are limited due to pain
who have no future plan for surgical intervention for the pain

Not suitable for those

with psychiatric symptoms such as schizophrenia and personality disorder

who struggle to walk safely and independently
with an active compensation claim
with serious pathology such as inflammatory and widespread neurological disorders, cancer or tumour

Program Overview

The Program will run for 12-15 weeks having one group session per week. Each session is 60-75 minutes in duration and include:

Presentations with current literature around persistent pain
Educational videos and resources
Group discussion

Mindful movement practice

Creating and implementing a self-management plan
Follow up emails with relevant content after each session
Working with multiple health professionals
Apart from these group sessions, you may require one-on-one consultation with other health professionals depending on your circumstances, problem and pain condition. Consultation fee for these individual sessions will be discussed with you prior to attending relevant health professional.

Program Outcome

At the completion of this program you will definitely be once step closer to transforming your way of pain free living.

A deep understanding of pain and how it relates to your situation

Learn how to identify the cause of your pain
Improvement in your ability to manage pain and gain control over your life with the use of a supported self-management program
Improvement in physical function
Increased self-esteem and confidence

Gradual return to daily activities or work duties

To share and obtain more information about our JTR Pain Management Program, please download the brochure.

Best and affordable Pain Management Program

Highly recommend seeing this practice for pain management and rehabilitation services. I walked in the door crouched over in a great deal of pain, after being told by hospital staff that they couldn’t do anything for me. After one session at ‘vitality way’ I was walking. After a few more sessions, I was feeling more pain free. And within only a few weeks, I was back at work and on full duties. Very professional service. Highly helpful and caring – the physiotherapist even saw me on a day off to help with my rehabilitation. So very grateful!

Anthony Hall

I have had chronic back pain for years stemming from an old work injury. Last week it got to its worst, I have seen so many Physiotherapist over the years that I just wanted to skip the whole thing and take pain relief. I had never gotten any treatment from a physio before that actually helped my back get better. My doctor insisted I just give it another try and recommended Trupti to me. For the first time in almost 10 years, I was not disappointed in my treatment. It was actually the opposite. I was so impressed, and I am so thankful that I found Trupti. Not only did she give me instant pain relief with her amazing technique and knowledge, she also gave me an easy to understand explanation of exactly what my problem is and exactly how to fix it. No one has done that for me up until now and I am just so thankful that I have found someone who actually cares and knows what they are doing. Trupti has given me back hope again for a life without pain. There are no words to describe how thankful I am except a 5-star review and me saying that I highly recommend her, as she is the real deal and she will help you get your pain free life back!

Ruby Wilkie

I first started seeing Trupti after having spinal fusion surgery and residual chronic pain over 4 years ago and can honestly say that it has been life changing. After the surgery I was uncertain what my quality of life would be like and under Trupti’s expert guidance, I have gone from having a having a numb right foot and being in pain all the time to now feeling the grass under my feet and living virtually pain free. It wasn’t easy but Trupti’s ability to tailor a solution for my issues made all the difference…if you are willing to put in the work, you will get the results. There are no words for my gratitude and I highly recommend Vitality Way to all.

Dan Brindell

During my work injury which have affected my lower back and my right leg from moving around I went to see physio and chiro in last 1 year. At one point I was thinking about getting surgery as well but from some fortunate reasons I came to see Trupti. She has a great knowledge about muscle and nerve pain and surely about the spine injuries. While seeing her for 2 sessions per week she helped me not just physically but mentally as well. To understand my limitations and to manage my work and personal life with having this injury she was really helpful. I will always be grateful to Trupti. I recommend Trupti to anyone who is struggling with any injuries which limits their movements. Thanks

Ravinder Maan


Chronic pain, pain management and more

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain (also called as persistent pain) is pain that is ongoing and lasts for more than three months. It can be seen as a disease in its own right. Different types of chronic pain are nerve pain, pain from bones, muscles and joints, and cancer pain.

What is pain management?

Pain management is a combination of a strengthening exercises, improved habits, balanced diet and physical therapy approaches aimed at assisting you to overcome pain. The treatments may include physiotherapy, psychological therapy, therapeutic exercises and other alternative therapies such as homeopathy, dry needling, hydrotherapy, meditation and others.

What is the best treatment for chronic pain?

We know that living with chronic pain is very difficult and challenging at times. Every individual is different, and the type of treatment varies according to his or her individual pain conditions, personal circumstances and goals. We promote combination of natural therapies to assist with healing of chronic pain. There are no side effects of these therapies. Our multidisciplinary treatment approach is based on education, cognitive-behaviour therapy, health diet, physical exercise, Clinical Pilates, Therapeutic Yoga, relaxation, massage, hydrotherapy and meditation.

What is the Journey Towards Recovery (JTR) program?

Journey Towards Recovery (JTR) is a Pain Management Program designed for people suffering from complex, musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain. JTR Program is a rehabilitation based multidisciplinary program which involves Physiotherapy, Psychology or Counselling, Dietetics, Exercise and other alternative therapies.

What will be my out-of-pocket cost?

Our Pain Management Program is covered by private health insurance if you have extras covered. There will be small out-of-pocket expense for materials.

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