Our Expertise

Our Physiotherapy service comes with years of experience within various hospitals, sports centres, private practices and age care facilities.

We offer holistic approach to health by assessing, restoring and maintaining the integrity of the soft tissue structure such as fascia, nerve, muscle, tendon, ligaments and addressing the root of movement dysfunction.

Our Physiotherapists are experts in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal pain, age related conditions and sports injuries from all walks of life. 

We listen to your concerns and evaluate your problems. We guide and involve you in the assessment and treatment process and design a treatment program that will work for your individual needs, lifestyle, work and other factors.

Conditions Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy Algester Treat

Women’s Health: Incontinence, Diastasis recti, Post-partum rehabilitation, SI joint pain, Pelvic pain, Lower back pain during pregnancy, Pregnancy related conditions

Knee: ACL tear (pre- and post-operation), Chondromalacia patellae or Runner’s knee, Meniscal injuries, Osgood schlatter syndrome, Patello femoral pain syndrome, Plica syndrome, Tendinitis, Post-operative rehabilitation

Foot: Tarsal tunnel syndrome, Tibialis posterior dysfunction, Bunion post operation, Fracture, Reconstruction, Plantar fasciopathy (heel pain), Tibialis posterior Tendinopathy

Conditions We Treat

Head: Headache, Migraine, Dizziness

Neck: Bulging disc, Herniated disc, Neck pain & strain/sprain, Nerve impingement

Rib: Costochondritis, Painful breathing

Hand: Carpal tunnel syndrome, Osteoarthritis, Metacarpal fractures

Elbow: Fracture, Gymnastic injuries, Golfers elbow, Tennis elbow, Throwing injuries

Wrist: Carpal tunnel syndrome, Fracture, Wrist sprains/strains

Fingers: Dislocated finger, Finger fracture

Pelvis: Pelvic fracture, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Ankle: Fracture, Ankle sprain/strain, Running injuries

Leg: Calf tear, Hamstring tear, Quadriceps tear

Shoulder: Rotator cuff injury, Total shoulder replacement, Shoulder dislocation, Shoulder separation, Sprain / strain, Acromioclavicular (AC) joint injuries

Lower Back: Arthritis, Spinal stenosis, Sciatica, Ankylosing spondylosis, Core strengthening, Bulging or Herniated disc, Low back pain, Postural pain, Scoliosis, Spondylolisthesis, Lumbo-pelvic instability, Disc degeneration

Hip: Piriformis syndrome, Bursitis, ITB syndrome, Labral tear, Post-operative rehabilitation, Gluteal tendinopathy, Hip osteoarthritis

Other: Arthritis, Amputation, Athletic/sports injuries, Balance disorders, Ergonomics / Posture correction, Whiplash / Post motor vehicle accident, Kids growth related injuries, Age related conditions – arthritis, osteoporosis, Neurological pain – tingling, numbness or weakness

Treatment Approach

Our evidence-based rehabilitation techniques are a combination of hands-on therapy, stretching, strengthening, manual therapy, Clinical Pilates, Therapeutic Yoga and dry needling to help restore your function and mobility. We offer custom designed programs for a wide range of injuries and conditions that will meet your needs, targeting the exact areas that need attention.

Real-time Ultrasound Assessment

Where necessary, we use Real-time Ultrasound (RTUS) to observe the deep muscles of your back, abdomen and pelvis. With RTUS we can visualise the stabilising muscles as the contraction occurs and provide an accurate assessment of the quality, timing and endurance of the contraction.

By using this assessment, our physiotherapist can determine the muscles that may need improvement and therefore target these muscles in our Clinical Pilates program.

Real Time Ultrasound

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I have been seeing Trupti for nearly three years. I have metastatic breast cancer and it has affected my muscles and my whole body. Without Trupti and her incredible knowledge of the muscles and the whole human body I would not be able to live such a wonderful life as I am living now. When I first met Trupti I was using a walking stick to enable me to balance and keep me steady on my feet. Within three months of intensive treatment my balance and my posture were so much better that I was able to go for longer walks etc without my walking stick! My oncology team was and still is amazed at the progress I am making each day. I cannot thank Trupti enough for all the hard work she has and still is doing for me. I fully recommend Trupti to everyone I meet. In my eyes she is the Physio whisperer for us all.

Jenny Kenyon

Trupti is an excellent physiotherapist. I thought I was suffering from osteoarthritis, but early in our first session Trupti diagnosed the problem as tight restricted muscles through my back and leg. After just 4 sessions my movement is much improved and the pain considerably less, just a couple of stubborn spots left. If you want someone who listens to you and then talks you through the treatment see Trupti.

Lynn Evans

For the past two years I have been seeing Trupti for physio treatment for an ongoing problem I’ve had for many years of my life. Trupti’s treatment has been the most effective from all the ones I have seen during previous years searching for help. She has given me great relief from pain and improved my quality of life and would highly recommend her.

Delma Murray

Having sons playing sports and incurring injuries, Trupti has been the best physio our family has had. She is very experienced, caring and has resolved and treated growing pains, tight hamstrings and very knowledgeable in musculoskeletal issues. Totally satisfied and thankful for Trupti’s expertise.

Lynn Q


Physiotherapy frequently asked questions

What do I need for hiring the space?

Public liability insurance is required prior to booking any space at Vitality Way for hire.

Can I check availability online?

No, you have to call our friendly staff on 07 3273 1093 to check availability for hall or consulting rooms.

Is it possible to hire on sundays or public holidays?

Hiring on Sundays or public holidays is possible as long as there is an availability.

Can I book in advance for recurring sessions?

Yes, however to retain your booking we need confirmation from you 2 weeks in advance.

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