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Are you suffering from chronic pain?
Is it negatively impacting your life?
Then JTR pain management program is for you.

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About Vitality Way

Welcome to Vitality Way where your Journey Towards Wellness begins!

Determined to cultivate wellbeing, so you can live pain free

Our belief is that no one should suffer from pain. Our vision is to improve patient’s quality of life by eliminating chronic pain naturally through our multidisciplinary care approach.

Our JOURNEY TOWARDS RECOVERY pain management program embraces a combination of physical and psychological therapies and is the most effective way to restore function, improve mood and reduce disability.

We assist our patients by addressing common misconceptions about pain and movement, retrain the pain system and maximise functional capacity so that they can take back control of their life. We are determined to cultivate wellbeing in patient’s life so that they can live pain free.

Why Choose Us

Experienced Health Professionals

Experienced Health Professionals

Over 19 years of chronic musculoskeletal pain management experience

Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach

The ‘whole person’ approach using combination of physical and psychological therapies

Extended Opening Hours

Extended Opening Hours

Very flexible and can accommodate you in early morning or late evening or within 24 hours for critical unbearable pain

Personalised Treatment

Personalised Treatment

Tailor made treatment plan specific to your condition and goals


Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

Read google reviews of our patients who have successfully recovered

Long-lasting Solution

Long-lasting Solution

Treating the root cause of your pain or problem and preventing recurrence

Natural and Affordable Therapy

Natural and Affordable Therapy

A safe, natural, non-surgical and medication free approach to pain management 

Bulk Billing Available

Bulk Billing Available

Under Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Services, Veteran Affairs (DVA), WorkCover and Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Conditions we treat

Specialists in pain and injury management

Algester Neck Pain

Chronic Pain

smt1 check iconLower Back Pain
smt1 check iconPelvic Pain
smt1 check iconHip Pain
smt1 check iconKnee Pain
smt1 check iconNeck Pain
Age Pain Algester

Age Related Pain

smt1 check iconArthritis
smt1 check iconBalance Disorders
smt1 check iconOsteoporosis
smt1 check iconJoint Pain
smt1 check iconDisc Degeneration
Women Pain Algester

Women's Health

smt1 check iconPelvic Pain
smt1 check iconCore Muscle Weakness
smt1 check iconPregnancy related
smt1 check iconPelvic Floor Weakness
smt1 check iconPosture Related Pain
Sports Injury Algester

Sports Injuries

smt1 check iconAnkle Sprain / Strain
smt1 check iconMeniscal Injury
smt1 check iconRotator Cuff Injury
smt1 check iconHip Impingement
smt1 check iconLigament Injury

Multidisciplinary Care

Holistic therapies to help in health and wellbeing





Highly recommend seeing this practice for pain management and rehabilitation services. I walked in the door crouched over in a great deal of pain, after being told by hospital staff that they couldn’t do anything for me. After one session at ‘vitality way’ I was walking. After a few more sessions, I was feeling more pain free. And within only a few weeks, I was back at work and on full duties. Very professional service. Highly helpful and caring – the physiotherapist even saw me on a day off to help with my rehabilitation. So very grateful!

Anthony Hall

I have had chronic back pain for years stemming from an old work injury. Last week it got to its worst, I have seen so many Physiotherapist over the years that I just wanted to skip the whole thing and take pain relief. I had never gotten any treatment from a physio before that actually helped my back get better. My doctor insisted I just give it another try and recommended Trupti to me. For the first time in almost 10 years, I was not disappointed in my treatment. It was actually the opposite. I was so impressed, and I am so thankful that I found Trupti. Not only did she give me instant pain relief with her amazing technique and knowledge, she also gave me an easy to understand explanation of exactly what my problem is and exactly how to fix it. No one has done that for me up until now and I am just so thankful that I have found someone who actually cares and knows what they are doing. Trupti has given me back hope again for a life without pain. There are no words to describe how thankful I am except a 5-star review and me saying that I highly recommend her, as she is the real deal and she will help you get your pain free life back!

Ruby Wilkie

I first started seeing Trupti after having spinal fusion surgery and residual chronic pain over 4 years ago and can honestly say that it has been life changing. After the surgery I was uncertain what my quality of life would be like and under Trupti’s expert guidance, I have gone from having a having a numb right foot and being in pain all the time to now feeling the grass under my feet and living virtually pain free. It wasn’t easy but Trupti’s ability to tailor a solution for my issues made all the difference…if you are willing to put in the work, you will get the results. There are no words for my gratitude and I highly recommend Vitality Way to all.

Dan Brindell

During my work injury which have affected my lower back and my right leg from moving around I went to see physio and chiro in last 1 year. At one point I was thinking about getting surgery as well but from some fortunate reasons I came to see Trupti. She has a great knowledge about muscle and nerve pain and surely about the spine injuries. While seeing her for 2 sessions per week she helped me not just physically but mentally as well. To understand my limitations and to manage my work and personal life with having this injury she was really helpful. I will always be grateful to Trupti. I recommend Trupti to anyone who is struggling with any injuries which limits their movements. Thanks

Ravinder Maan

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