Is Chronic Pain a Stress in Your Life?

Have you felt pain that just doesn’t seem to fade? For longer than say 3 months perhaps?

Is chronic musculoskeletal pain and other pain putting a dent in your lifestyle?

‘Acute pain’ is used to describe pain that lasts about 3-6 months or is related to damaged tissue. Whereas ‘chronic pain’ generally lasts more than 3-6 months, or beyond the point of tissue healing (William Deardorff PhD, 2017). If you are feeling the pain beyond healing time, then you most likely are experiencing chronic pain.

There are some unbearable symptoms of chronic pain such as:

  • feelings of being locked out of your own life.
  • pain evoke without doing much physical activity.
  • pain growing progressively worse each day.
  • concerned about taking large numbers of pain killers (and rightfully so) because it may only temporarily reduce pain and create long term complications.
  • afraid of undergoing major surgery (e.g. vertebral fusion or joint replacement) that may end up decreasing range of motion (ROM), be ineffective for reducing pain or even make the pain worse.

These can stem from a variety of underlying causes and sometimes it can feel as though there is no way out. As soon as you find yourself thinking in this way, take a step back and remind yourself that there is hope and a potential natural solution.

Thanks to Physiotherapy there is no need to go to extremes such as major surgery. Often, a skilled physiotherapist can unpack the source of your pain by developing a treatment program tailored to you, without the aid of drugs or surgery in any way.

Manage Stress Resulting from Chronic Pain

Our JOURNEY TOWARDS RECOVERY pain management program is designed to treat chronic pain and includes:

  • Understanding of your ongoing pain condition and discover the root cause.
  • Learning latest techniques to retrain mind and body.
  • Learning how to use food and movement as Medicine for safe pain relief.
  • Boosting and generating energy to perform at your best.
  • Learning how to open your own body’s drug cabinet to give long lasting pain relief.
  • Practicing evidence based self-management techniques to take control of your life.

At Vitality Way, our JOURNEY TOWARDS RECOVERY pain management program is a non-invasive and natural approach that can help you discover a world of conservative pain management techniques. CONTACT us to discover more or REGISTER your interest now.