How Ongoing Long-term Muscle Aches Can Lead to Chronic Pain and Degeneration

Some people believe that aches and pain is part of ageing process. The pain is inevitable. That is NOT true.

Most of the chronic musculoskeletal pain occurs because of the way that we habitually use our body. The way we sit, stand, and move makes our muscles chronically tight and sore, compresses our joints and nerves, and puts stress on our bones and connective tissue, often to the point of causing significant pain and damage to the structure of our bodies.

All these painful problems are the result of muscle memory – your nervous system’s way of making movements automatic and efficient. You may not be aware of it, but your nervous system is constantly reinforcing old movement patterns and learning new ones.

For the most part, acquiring muscle memory is enormously beneficial. Without muscle memory, you would spend all day figuring out how to brush your teeth and get dressed for work.

We are usually not aware of this gradual tightening until our muscles become stiff, then sore, then downright painful. Tight muscles also pull our skeleton out of alignment, causing poor posture and issues like functional leg length discrepancy, idiopathic scoliosis, movement limitations, and recurring injuries in athletes. The misalignment and pressure caused by tight muscles also leads to joint degeneration and nerve impingement, like sciatica.
We each develop unique patterns of muscle use and tension throughout our body as a result of our repetitive daily activities, our reactions to stress, our personality, the injuries we sustain, the sports we play, and any physical training we engage in. No other human being on the planet stands and moves quite like you.

Exercise as Medicine

By doing simple exercises, anybody can learn to heal their chronic musculoskeletal pain, and prevent future pain, injury, and joint problems from developing.

Our physiotherapist will perform a comprehensive assessment to determine where your pain is coming from, why the pain is persisting after the estimated healing time, what lifestyle or environmental factors affecting recovery process and treat your entire body by identifying the root cause of pain. They can also design exercises programme according to your work and lifestyle. CONTACT our physiotherapist at Vitality Way today to assist you with managing your pain.

Recommended reading:

How Muscular Learning Leads to Pain and Degeneration by Sarah Warren, Clinical Somatic Education.