Did You Know A Physiotherapist Can Help Reduce Stress Related Headaches?

The workday is almost over, but your inbox is full, and your to-do list is long. The headache has already settled in and is likely to distract you from the last few hours of your day. This class of headache includes the classic ‘band of pressure’ around your head, as well as generalised aching and tenderness on the back of neck and upper back area. This kind of muscle tension and emotional stress can create a complex chain reaction which we call stress related headache. Does this situation sound familiar?

Regularly turning to medication can help make the pain go away but does not solve the issue that is causing the headaches in the first place – the stress!!! Stress related headaches develop due to a combination of hormonal surges and physical tension in the body, often the neck and shoulders. This type of headache is unbearable, and our physiotherapist can help you overcome that pain using natural and long-lasting approach.

Physiotherapy – A Natural and Non-invasive Treatment

Our physiotherapists can help to reduce pain from stress-related headaches by:

  • Identifying root cause of headache and educating about early signs of headache.
  • Educating about work and lifestyle factors which is contributing pain and modify activities to reduce unnecessary stress on joint.
  • Reducing tension in the neck, jaw, chest, shoulders and back muscles.
  • Promoting your ability to stay calm in the face of stress and teach muscle relaxation techniques.
  • Providing relaxation and posture correction. You will not only experience relief of your current headache, but future stress headaches may decrease.
  • Designing step by step exercises program to build up resilience into musculoskeletal system.
  • Reducing the severity and frequency of stress-related headaches.
  • Teaching you to self-manage your headache.

Physiotherapy is a natural, evidence based and non-invasive treatment for a variety of ongoing pain. CONTACT Vitality Way today to learn how we can fight off some of those draining stress headaches and live a headache free life!