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We teach Vinyasa yoga in which movement is synchronised to the breath throughout the practice.

The focus of this practice is on proper alignment in each posture, core strengthening and stretching various muscles. If you are injured, suffer acute or chronic pain, feel tired in your body or mind, would love to exercise with more freedom, can identify stress in your body or would simply love to maximise your physical health potential, this practice will have you pushing boundaries, overcoming limiting beliefs and improving long term postural habits.

This class is run by physiotherapist who can modify pose as per needs and previous/current injury within a group setting. The class is suited for all age groups.

Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates

This is a gentle, controlled pace, fully guided workout which include fuse elements of traditional pilates and yoga.

The prenatal class is designed specifically for women from conception to 40 weeks to prevent common musculoskeletal pain and maintain core and pelvic floor strength during their pregnancy. The postnatal class is designed to improve strength in pelvic floor, core muscles and help to achieve pre-pregnancy fitness.

We aim to ensure the muscles, spine, lower back and pelvis are in good working condition, so that you are able to carry your baby to full term with minimal disruption to your lifestyle.

This class is run by our Physiotherapist who can help with many musculoskeletal conditions such as lower back pain, coccyx pain, pelvic pain – pelvic instability, mid-back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain.

Our Physiotherapist can also help you with advice on appropriate pregnancy belts and pillows that can help you throughout your pregnancy. We offer private and small group classes.

What to expect in our Yoga class?

Our powerful Vinyasa Yoga class is a dynamic flowing yoga session which focuses on breath-based movement and safe alignment.

What to bring in Yoga class?

Please bring –

  • towel;
  • drink bottle; and
  • non-slip socks.