Spine Care Program

Lower Spine Pain

Every rehabilitation program we develop is fully supervised and taught by our Physiotherapists. We develop rehabilitation program for Spine care, pre- and post-surgery, sports injury, home based, chronic condition exercises.

Our Spine Care Program is a hands-on systematic and holistic spinal care approach designed to help you reach the absolute best of your physical capability and relief from long term chronic back pain.

The pathway is designed to cater for all levels of spinal strength and spinal stability. The program includes detailed assessment, customised treatment which include muscle retraining and core strengthening, improve body awareness, increase flexibility and coordination.

We use series of graduated Pilates exercises and yoga poses to improve core strength. These exercises are designed to reactivate inhibited muscle patterns and reprogram the motor cortex (getting your brain to understand what your muscles and body should be doing) then incorporating this new knowledge to get your spine functioning correctly to give you long term relief from back pain.

Spine Care Pathway (5 Rs)

Spine Care 5Rs

Regular Expert Assessment

Ultrasound Assessment

Our expert clinical assessment process is quite thorough which include assessment of whole body and not just the painful or symptomatic areas. We assess range of motion, muscle strength and length, nerve movement and/or balance and coordination in entire body. We use real time ultrasound to assess your core muscles.

Once the target dysfunction of the body is identified, our consultants will educate about your condition and design the most appropriate, safe and effective treatment methods to achieve the desired goals.

Restore Dysfunction

We will address dysfunction areas using various techniques such as joint mobilisation (gentle manual treatment that can improve joint mobility), dry needling to release tight muscles, traction (especially helpful for nerve root irritation), support bracing or taping to stabilise lower back, supervised stretching and strengthening exercises.

We use Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) to retrain core muscles. We will provide useful resources to actively participate in self-management.

Re-educate Movement Patterns

Spine Education

Our Physiotherapist will assess your posture and movement patterns to identify which factors may have contributed to your injury and provide effective strategies to correct them.

This may include reactivating inhibited muscle pattern using real time ultrasound and reprogramming the motor cortex (getting your brain to understand what your muscles and body should be doing) and retraining muscle firing sequence, functional muscular retraining and dynamic postural retraining, education regarding lifting and manual handling in daily life, workstation set-up, optimal sleeping position and many more preventative strategies.

By re-educating movement patterns your body is restored to its normal and most optimal alignment, allowing for long term recovery. Once multiple dysfunctions of your body have been resolved with the treatment you will begin to regain full function of your body.


This stage includes intensive set of rehab exercises to improve the activation, tone and strength of the essential back, abdominal and gluteal muscles, as well as overall core awareness and lumbo-pelvic trunk control.

By restabilising your spine and lumbo-pelvic, you are able to move more efficiently & the risk of re-injury is greatly reduced. We use Clinical Pilates, clinical yoga, real time ultrasound, light functional strengthening, swiss-ball exercises, deep core muscle retraining as a part of exercises.

Regain Freedom

Spine Injury Recovery

Advanced full body strengthening specific to sports or activities. For muscle strengthening to be effective the muscles need to be strengthened in the specific way to how they will be used during your daily activities or during sports. This phase involves building your spinal strength to comfortably handle the heavier loading & fatiguing demands of sport & exercise.

The final outcome is to break the recurrent back pain cycle and establish dynamic postural patterns which remove your back pain and make you stronger and more physically effective over the longer term. The exercises become increasingly challenging, the aim is to reduce your symptoms, optimise your quality of life and get you back to doing the activities you enjoy!

What to bring for an appointment?

Please bring –

  • previous diagnostic reports;
  • other health professionals such as GP, spine specialist, pain specialist reports if you have OR their contact details; and
  • wear comfortable clothes.