Do you know?

Dietitians provide advice on food and  nutrition-related matters, and support people to improve their health. They can also modify diets to help maintain good health, boost energy and assist in disease prevention.

Our experienced Dietitian can certainly assists in variety of condition including:

Healthy PregnancyBreastfeeding support, Healthy nutrition for infants and children
Medical ConditionsDiabetes, Heart disease, High cholesterol or blood fats, High blood pressure, Digestive disorders, Overweight and Obesity, Reflux, Cancer, Anaemia, Food allergies and intolerances
Weight ManagementLose, Gain or Maintain weight

What to expect from your appointment?

During your consultation, the dietitian will undertake body measurements and ask detailed questions about medical history, weight history, diet history, exercise habits, general health and lifestyle. Following nutritional diagnosis, initial dietary goals and strategies for improving your health will be discussed.

What to bring when you visit our Dietitian?

Please bring –

  • your food or diet record;
  • a list of medications you are taking;
  • special diet plans you may have;
  • blood sugar records, if applicable; and
  • test results, if applicable.