Do you know?

Chronic pain, also called persistent pain, is pain that continues beyond the time expected for a condition or injury to heal. But in addition to the physical pain, there are also psychological and emotional factors which can greatly impact overall quality of life. Therefore, in order to treat pain effectively, it is important to look at the whole picture. Understanding and managing your emotions and behaviours associated with the discomfort can help you to reduce the intensity of your pain.

Our experienced Counsellor works collaboratively with other health care professionals onsite to assist you with a range of pain management techniques and also offers general counselling.

We can assist you with:

  • understanding pain using pain assessment tools;
  • exploring the emotional effects of chronic pain;
  • developing individual coping plans and strategies; and
  • creating and achieving quality of life goals.

“Helping you manage pain, so it no longer manages you”

What to expect from your appointment?

Initial consultation includes comprehensive understanding of your physical and emotional health, when and where pain occurs, factors affecting pain, your worries and stresses, and prepare a tailored treatment plan to suit your need.