Carbohydrates – Facts and Myth

Read what our Dietitian has to say about Carbohydrates!

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Q&A/MYTH BUSTER: To carb or not to carb? I get asked this question a lot because people hear different things about them all the time. Carbohydrates are so important that some of our organs such as our brain run solely on glucose (simple carbohydrates). They're important for exercise performance too. Also if we skip them, there's a risk of increase in fat intake because you're eating more meat to fill you up. I wont get into detail on how tasty they are #riceislife Low carb diets show a short term benefit to weight loss but they're not too sustainable for the long term. Adding that to the factors above I wouldn't recommend it unless if you like it (consult a local dietitian for a healthy low carb diet) There is a catch though: try to incorporate more wholegrains (complex carbohydrates) as your carbs than refined grains and sugar (simple carbohydrates), as the former gets released to the bloodstream slower than the latter, hence sustained satiety (fuller for longer). Do you guys like carbs? What have you heard about them? ❤ and 💭 below! 👇 #carbohydrates #carbislife #carbmyths #healthyeating #dietitianconnection #dietitianinbrisbane #apdinbrisbane #accreditedpractisingdietitian #brisbanedietitian #lickthenutrition #dietitianofinstagram

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